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R* patch notes:

Here is the detailed information of what is being addressed with this update/patch:

GTA IV Title Update \ \

Rockstar Games Social Club Remove Rockstar Games Social Club application Separate RGSC application no longer required to launch game Social Club login now occurs during the launch process

Shadows A new, less memory-intensive, and better-looking scalable shadow solution has been implemented Enhanced Night Shadows added with user-selectable level of detail (replaces Shadow Density)

Performance Rendering optimizations have been made to improve performance, particularly when enabling shadows User-configurable graphics settings have been added for shadow control Improved memory management

Benchmarking New system-intensive benchmarks have been added under the Graphics menu User gameplay captures can be used for benchmarking using the command line

Multiplayer Enhanced security to isolate users from cheaters and hackers

Episodic Content Provide in-game support to purchase "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" (Not available in Russian/Japanese Versions)

Bug Fixes Vehicle shadows re-enabled between 8pm and 6am Fix floating street textures Pedestrians in vehicles appear further out from the player to allow for long range sniping The Moon has been implemented with simulated lunar phases Fixed garbled text in Japanese Multiplayer menus "RESC 10" error fix for specific hardware configurations

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